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An off grid solar system consists of the following components:

  1. Solar Panels (that generate your power)
  2. Battery bank (that stores your power)
  3. Inverter (that converts the stored DC power to usable 220 Volt AC power)
  4. Wires, Circuit Breakers, DC Boards, Switches, Fuses, conduit, Battery cabinets, Solar panel mounting structures, etc (used to connect all the components together) 

We install the all the components of the solar system in a configuration that is both safe and within the operational limits of the various components ensuring you have years of sustainable, efficient power delivery and consumption without any safety risks or component failure. We can also issue a COC (Certificate of Compliance) so you have peace of mind that the installation was done correctly shoulld you wish.

So weather you are a farmer wanting to go off grid or a home owner that wants to shift some of your loads to a solar system we can help with the installation and successfull commissioning of your system. We can also allow for grid backup, grid change over or generator integration for backup/redundancy. 

Please note: SA Solar Installers does not supply the above but can refer you to knowledgeable and well stocked suppliers which have given good service as well as reasonable pricing to our clients in the past.

We require the following information to supply you with a quotation:

  1. Name, E-mail address & Telephone number
  2. Area (suburb, Town & Province)
  3. System specifications (number of panels, Battery sizes, inverter size and type, etc)
  4. Roof type and/or solar panel mounting structures available

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