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Solar Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pumps are one of the most costly household electrical appliances to run. Save monthly electricity bill and run your swimming pool pump directly from the sun. A solar powered swimming pool pump connect to your pool the same way an ordinary AC pump connects to the pool. A typical solar powered swimming pool pump system consists of solar panels, MPPT pump controller,  and filtration pump. Solar powered swimming pool pumps are available in DC or AC configurations.

We install the all the components of the poop pump system in a configuration that is both safe and within the operational limits of the various components ensuring you have years of sustainable, efficient power delivery and consumption without any safety risks or component failure, and to ensure your pool's water is perfectly surculated and treatment chemicals are dispersed and the water does not stagnate. Helping you maintain and care for your pool cost effectively.

Please note: SA Solar Installers does not supply the above but can refer you to knowledgeable and well stocked suppliers which have given good service as well as reasonable pricing to our clients in the past.

We require the following information to supply you with a quotation:

  1. Name, E-mail address & Telephone number

  2. Area (suburb, Town & Province)

  3. System specifications (number of panels, Battery sizes, inverter size and type, etc)

  4. Roof type and/or solar panel mounting structures available

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